Comprehensive TM Search + Report + USPTO Application

Comprehensive TM Search + Report + USPTO Application

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Full Service Word-Only TM Application

Protect your company's most valuable intellectual property with this service!  Registering your brand's name, logo, or slogan with with U.S. Patent and Trademark Office not only strengthens your rights, it makes enforcing those rights against would-be infringers much easier. 

Also, because platforms like Facebook and other social media sites refuse to address trademark theft unless a USPTO registration can be shown, this service is highly recommended for companies who are active in social media. 

Here's what's included in this service package!

  • Comprehensive search + specimen gathering + USPTO registration application submittal
  • Basic option includes a search, report, application fee, and the application submission of one trademark in one USPTO class
  • For registrations that cover multiple product/service categories, you can purchase additional classes in the drop down menu.
  • This services does not include action responses requested from the USPTO.  Those services will be billed separately, if and when necessary. 

Once your order has been placed one of our affiliated lawyers will directly contact you within 1 business day to gather your information through a questionnaire. The comprehensive search results and report will be ready to view within 5 business days of receiving a completed questionnaire.  In most cases, completed trademark applications are submitted to the USPTO website within 7 business days of receiving all necessary information.

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